1st Gurmat Oneday Camp


In todays society, we are constantly being told who we should be, what line we should stand in and who we shall follow. But have you ever looked inside and thought, who am I? And what is my purpose in life?

If you are asked what religion you are and you answer, "I am a Sikh" then you have declared to the world that you are an ambassador to the Guru! Therefore, we must ask ourselves what do I know about my religion and what does my Guru say about this and that?

There are questions to be asked and no where to go to ask them, until now!

Ramgharia Gurdwara Sahib Woolwich is holding a oneday Gurmat Camp for all ages, Kids and Adults. The day will consist of Talks, Q&A, Food, Gatka, Kirtan practice, Dastaar tying, arts and crafts and lots more. Come along and support the gurdwara, the guru and yourself!

If you take one step to the Guru, the Guru will take 1,000 steps towards you...

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