Indira Ghandi

This article is an explanation for why I (and many Sikhs) hate her.
The prime reason is the Sikh populous in India were promised an independence from India some 50 or 60 years ago.
However the establishment at the time (Nehru indiras father) denied the Sikhs a home country. And then to add insult to injury the state of Punjab was given away as Pakistan.

This angered Sikhs yet more. In spite of all of this Sikh’s never raised an arm to battle the hand that betrayed them.
We were subject to tyranny and oppression, and persecuted kidnapped and raped by police and military alike. So it was only a matter of time before a Sikh vigilante stood up and said no more.

Shaheed Jarnail Singh Bindranwale was our freedom fighter.
He reminded Sikhs the importance of not just keeling over and accepting what was happening to us. There are many stories about Jarnail Singh, however needless to say he pissed of the wrong people.

Indira Ghandi was one of the people pissed of by Jarnails words. A description the remainder of this article depicts the basis for all Sikh fury at her. Indira felt threatened by Jarnails words and actions, and she felt it necessary to eliminate him.

Indira Ghandi was a politician in India. She felt it necessary to tyrosine Sikhs.
Sikhs had the one of the smallest populous in the country, and by oppressing one race she was able to liberate another. Oppressing Sikhs gave her the Hindu vote which ensured her seat in India. If you look to the write you will see many images that were used as propaganda in India to push Sikhs down.
As Jarnails power grew indira got worried and depressed. And soon after coming out of prison in 84 she ordered an attack (operation blue star) on the Sikh holy shrine, the golden temple.

You can read many articles about her and about operation blue star but the truth is, she was a modern day Nazi.
Nazi's were infamous for attacking the Jews, yet indiras legacy was as a just prime minister to the Indian nation. She cared for nothing more than self fame, and marinating her legacy.

I do understand the saying "one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist". However during the 70's especially the Sikhs needed their freedom. We were raped killed and kidnapped by the police force at the time.
Bindranwale May have had strong views about Sikh liberation but he could've been handled in a more humane way. a military presence of 100'000 was definitely not needed. And tanks were not Needed. Indira should have come down herself as a show of good faith. Maybe this may have earned her respect, and on a Sikh holy day, when the complex was full of innocent pilgrims.

Indira's army killed more civilians than Sikh militia. If I were there I would've fought gladly by the side of the Sikh army. The Sikh Fauj.

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