Indias Flag no room for Sikhs

Bhagwa or the saffron colour denotes renunciation of disinterestedness.
The above statement is a quote taken from the flag code of India

What is this "Bhagwa"

Firstly let me define the word "Bhagwa".
Bhagwa is the hindu holy colour. It defines the Hindu culture as a symbol of "renunciation of disinterestedness". Let me say that in english for you. It is basically the idea of the state renouceing thier impartiality, or... now heres the real definition, being biased. The orange in the indian flag symbolises the biased and prejedice to the rest of the state.

The other two colours define two of the other religions placed in india. The white for the chrisitians, and the green for the Muslims. Those races can live in that country with thier heads held up high, singing the praises of the country for they are present on the indian flag.

Where are the Sikhs?

The sikh minister on the day the flag was created must have been sick, as there is no sikh presence on the flag. And considering the the Hindus idealology is placed on the top two thirds, at least a slight Sikh presence would be sufficient.

We sikhs don't mind about this for it is only a flag, However one of the rules of the "flag code" (link at the top of the page), is that the flag is more prestigious than any non country flag. What this means is that if the flag was to appear along side a nishan sahib (sikh flag) the nishan sahib should be placed lower than the indian flag.
Now i wouldn't mind this if the flag demonstrated equality but instead it demonstates tyronny. Remember what bhagwa means...

What do you want?

It doesn't really matter what i want, but my people just want freedom from the shakels of oppression from the Indians. Either a presence on the flag, or a revision of the indian flag code to be impartial accross all religions. A removal of all words that signify a segregation between the peoples, or an inclusion of Sikhs within the flag.

If you look on the left i have included some images of the flag as i would like it to look. I know this is expressly illegal in india, but do i sound like someone who gives a damn!

It has been braught to my attention that i have been a little too biased about the Sikh presence in the flag. There are many other under-represented faiths within the country also. see below...
This provides yet more reason why the flag and policies need a serious update.

../images/70.jpg ../images/71.jpg

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