India and the cast system

There are many types of economy in the world. Some professions are handed down from generation to generation, while others are based on the persons abilities to do perform certain tasks.
India to a certain aspect still has elements of the caste system.

What is the caste system?

The caste system can be compared with the english class structures. It is a way of denoting people in to seperate categories.
In england in the medieval times this was done also. It involves certain people doing different tasks, and only performing that task.
You have the cooks, the cleaners, the farmers, the carpenters and the priests. Each caste is a vital part of the society, however some are extreamly under valued.

I can speak broadly for sikhs, three of the castes that exist are Jatts, Tarkans, and Chumars.

  • Jatts are farmers. They owned all of the land, and therefore were the wealthiest of the sikh castes.
  • Tarkans are carpenters. They are denoted as the more skilled of the castes. They are/were high earners, and the Jatts were dependant on them.
  • Chumarhs Chamars were mainly labourers and peasants, however, some of them were traditionally engaged in professions such as Leather-working. sikh wiki article

You can see by this list that it would appear that Jatts have a position of power over Tarkans. And Chumarhs jobs were as undermimed as the homeless.
This is false. Each job was a vital part of the economy in punjab, Whether you wanted to do it or not it was your birth right.

Today inequities between castes still exists, even though many have dropped thier traditional heritage and have moved in to other fields. You hav Jatt carpenters, Tarkan programmers, and Chumarh farmers. The money is spread out fairly and evenly. And after all of this people still choose to differentiate themselves with others by the profession of thier ansestors.

Sikhs all over the world need to listen, and understand... We are all the same. Each person has the same good and bad qualities. The same feelings, and each person needs to be treated the same.

Thier may be farms in india for the jatts, but in england it doesn't matter. We can work hard and do whatever we want. Inter caste relationships can work, and inter caste friendships are the most stable.

Thank you..

  • modern jatt - (2013-08-05 20:13:58)
    I am from a jatt family. My parents are really proud to be jatt. We have alot of part in sikh history.we did have power over people such as chumars who couldnt sit in level with us. You can notice a massive differnce between castes even today. The thing is, that if your a jatt, you are proud and you dont want to be treated equally to others when you have a higher status. If your from a lower caste (no offence) then you wouldnt believe in castes because you want to be treated equally. There are times when i talk about being lucky to be a jatt because of the respect, our personality and being unique...

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