Raj Karega Khalsa Pt III

If India had fallen

The fateful night of June 3rd 1984 was the final straw for many Sikhs. Forging an alliance to the Indian government was no longer viable. Many Sikhs believe that the whole endeavour was an act of war to finish the Sikh faith, which had been a plague on the Hindu people for hundreds of years. However it was slightly different in my eyes. My point of view leads me to believe that today, 'if India had fallen' the look of south Asia would be very different.

I have many Hindu friends, many Sikh friends, however I have been brought up to think Muslim friends of any kind is a taboo area. I don't believe this it is just something I have been brought up to think. Do I ever think why? This article will explain how the events of the night of operation blue star shaped the views we have of May religions.

Punjab was a great and powerful state, rich in nourished fertile farms, ready for production of produce, however splitting it was not a good idea, and then covering it up by calling Sikh freedom fighters terrorists was

Sikh's were about to get their own state, an army had been assembled, and the scriptures documented years earlier telling all children Sikhs that our kingdom will happen is upon us. We had waited 400 years for our own home. Its not like we wanted a large home, just a place on earth to call our own. Christians have Vatican City, Jews and Muslims have many disputed areas in the Middle East. I could tell u these for hours but I won't.

Lets change the outcome now for a while and explore other avenues.

The only thing that word that makes sense to me if Khalistan succeeded in taking its own state would be 'dispute'. Dispute over borders, and dispute over land, resources. Much alike the Middle East today. I wish to my self that the original Punjab was dubbed Khalistan because that out come would have been a little less bleak.

Firstly dispute. The borders between Khalistan and Pakistan are the same as between India and Pakistan today. The borders of India and Khalistan are just below Amritsar, this includes a lot of disputed land. With a fresh army just come out of a battle with the Indian forces and no man power left, the Sikhs would have no choice but to surrender Kashmir to the north to Pakistan. The original Punjab 'five rivers' now become Daw-jab 'two rivers'. This makes me angry but its true.
Such a tiny country not even larger than England would have no chance with economic wealth and would rely heavily on donations to support itself. India at the time was full of corruption and corporate robin hoods that took money from the poor and kept it for them selves. There were many examples of this. A few years earlier the 'East India Trading Company' did this to Bangladesh (details unknown).
As much as I don't want my next statement to be true I no it is, the corruption would have still existed in the new Khalistan, and as power became the for front of our minds Sikh militants would create a people army to take back the Punjab that is rightfully theirs.
5 years later Pakistan would have noticed the Punjabi people gathering resources together with only one logical outcome, so the Muslim home would gather their army together. Sikhs and Muslims would finally meet on the borders at either Eid or Vaisaki to kill each other's hopes. And Despite the Sikhs vengeance only possible outcome is Punjab and Khalistan taken by the armies of the far wealthier Pakistan. No more Khalistan forever.

Option two, Khalistan and Pakistan liberation leads to India feeling threatened. The next step for India will be to cling on to every state. India claimed they were worried about separatists over the whole country. The rest of the country loved India, its just the rest of India hated Sikhs. Partition two would have created an alliance between the Sikhs and Muslims and resilience against the Indian government. Eventually the Indian Kahlis and Pakis break-up would have created more tension than there is at the moment, and wars between them would have been stronger and harder, and I am worried that the base for these wars would have been Punjab as it is flat and open in the middle. Punjab would become desolate and unneeded, and will look like the 'sand villages' we see on the news on a daily basis.

Is Khalistan better off being a subset of India? In a word I think, YES! The qualifying statement here is 'better off', there is no principle export from the Punjabi region, The total output from the Punjab regain was slightly more than $2bn in 2005-2006 (http://punjabgovt.nic.in/ECONOMY/ECOFINAL.HTM), This can be compared to a single company, Microsoft turns over an average of $9bn in three months (http://itvibe.com/news/2948/). The lack of any real financial infrastructure would be vastly detrimental to the Punjabi people. The state system in India doesn't work, Punjab state should be treated as if we have ascertained our kingdom of god.

Raj Karega Khalsa,
Khalistan Ho vi Giyai.
Harjit Singh Sandhu.

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